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"I have never had any reservations about recommending you and Roscoe. This is going way beyond good service. Doing what you don't have to do is what makes a ... company great."
- Current Management Client, 2016

Roscoe Properties is a property management company comprised of a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who provide services to owners of multi-family, retail and office properties in Central Texas. Roscoe Properties builds value and maximizes returns through the diligent application of property management fundamentals, and by keeping a close eye on costs.

By performing market studies and carefully defining investment strategies with our clients, Roscoe Properties strategically positions each building for optimal stabilization and performance. We are responsive, nimble, and devoted to the interests of our clients.

Roscoe Properties continuously strives to move successful properties into even more profitable categories. Our clients’ properties receive close supervision with strict accountability due to our hands-on management approach and commitment to providing the highest standards of service.
We are a company committed to building our success by working, day by day and project by project, to ensure the success of the people and companies we serve.

Management services include:

Lease/Rent Collection
Roscoe Properties collects rents, utility charges and other fees on behalf of our clients. Monthly rent roll reports, which keep our clients informed of occupancy levels and rental rates at a particular building, are emailed directly to our clients and are available on the Roscoe Properties website, accessible through the secure client login page.

Eviction Coordination
When circumstances require legal intervention, Roscoe Properties efficiently navigates the eviction process of recalcitrant tenants.

Property Inspections
Inspections fall into four categories: Start-up, quarterly, move-in and move-out.

Start-up: When we accept a property for management, we conduct a thorough interior and exterior inspection. A written report is generated and kept in the property file describing the initial property condition including full descriptions of personal property, amenities, numbers and types of rooms, etc. This report lists all actions to be taken to provide safety and habitability as well as suggested improvements to enhance rental value and preserve the integrity of the property.

Quarterly: Complete unit-by-unit interior and exterior inspections are made quarterly on all properties. Cursory inspections are done every time we handle a tenant maintenance request. We ask our maintenance workers to inform us if they notice additional maintenance issues when they enter a unit for requested or scheduled work.

Move-in: At the time the tenant signs the Lease Agreement, he/she also signs an inspection form stipulating that the unit is in excellent condition. Any items noted that are not in excellent condition are listed for information purposes only, so that the tenant is not charged for those defects when they move out.

Move-out: A move-out inspection is performed after the tenant vacates. A report is generated including all actions required to restore the unit to make-ready condition and a detailed list of associated costs. Our original move-in report is compared with the move-out condition form, adjustments for wear and tear are determined and the security deposit refund is calculated accordingly.

Capital Improvement Estimates
Roscoe Properties is prepared to assist our clients in creating and generating value, whether by changing interiors, upgrading appliances, adding amenities or changing the property appearance. Please see the Construction Services page for more information.

Accounting and Financial Reporting
We provide our clients with accurate and understandable reports, accounting for every dollar, to assist in making strategic business and operational decisions.

The Accounting staff at Roscoe Properties has extensive experience in real estate accounting and financial analysis. Roscoe Properties uses various accounting programs such as Yardi, Tenant Pro and Quick Books, that accurately allow for customizable reports to meet the specific needs of clients and their lenders.

Accounting services include tenant collections and building invoice payments. The income from our clients’ building is deposited into the property bank account. In addition, we provide a complete review of the buildings’ insurance policies and pay city and county licenses, taxes and permit fees.

Monthly financial reporting keeps our clients up-to-date with the buildings’ financial and physical operations. The report includes a status report, balance sheet, income statement, rent roll, general ledger and copies of reconciled bank statements. Monthly reports are emailed directly to our clients and are also available on the Roscoe Properties website, accessible through the secure client login page.

Ratio Utility Bill System (RUBS)
Roscoe Properties offers implementation of the RUBS program to recapture utilities expenses. Tenants are billed a prorata share of the building’s total invoice, taking into account occupancy, unit size and building amenities. Strict measures are taken to stay in compliance with Texas laws.

Maintenance Services
Prompt and efficient as-needed and preventive maintenance is essential to maintaining property value and tenant retention. Roscoe Properties prioritizes property maintenance by employing experienced property managers with full maintenance staffs. Our in-house approach affords a tremendous cost savings to our clients by avoiding excessive outsourcing to third-party vendors. Our fully-insured maintenance staff provides services including make-readies, interior and exterior repairs, general maintenance and up-keep, quarterly unit audits, and battery and HVAC filter replacements. We have implemented systematic follow-up procedures to encourage tenant communication and satisfaction.
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